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wojeezy08    0

My end goal is to have a button that, when clicked:

1. Opens a pdf form from my server

2. Fills in the form using data entered into FileMaker (I'm using FileMaker 10)


I'm on step one and and trying to use the "Open File" script, however it's not working.  Can the "Open File" script be used to open non-Filemaker files, such as PDFs?



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Lee Smith    145

Are you sure you are using FM Starting Points?

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wojeezy08    0

Nope, thanks for pointing that out.


Any suggestions on the proper sub-forum for this topic?

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comment    1,372
24 minutes ago, wojeezy08 said:

Can the "Open File" script be used to open non-Filemaker files, such as PDFs?

No. Try the Open URL[] script step to open a non-Filemaker file in its native application.


26 minutes ago, wojeezy08 said:

Fills in the form using data entered into FileMaker

I don't know of a way to do that natively from Filemaker. Perhaps with a plugin.

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Lee Smith    145

I move it to Managing Scripts

I deleted your duplicate post. Please do not double post your questions.

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Fitch    148

FileMaker's 'Open' command will work with Excel and text files -- converting them to FileMaker files in the process -- but not PDF.

I believe you can fill in PDF forms using Scribe: 360works.com/filemaker-pdf-plugin/

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wojeezy08    0

Excellent.  Great suggestion.  I've downloaded scribe; I'll post back here should I run into any issues.



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      I have a database, which has two printable forms. One has been designed in portrait, and the other in landscape. Both of them are only ever printed using buttons tied to script steps, never manually. I was hoping that there would be some way to specify orientation via the script. However, after some poking around of my own and light Google searching I am thinking this may not be so easy.

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      I'd hope to simply have a single script, read the parameter (which would in fact grab the value of the tooltip), and have that passed into the script.
      It seems to me that the various flavors of "get(objectname), etc don't seem to have a way to grab the actual text that's in the "tooltip" or "object name".
      Am I missing something in there?
      I'd love to be able to create 50 graphics, name each one by tooltip (or object name), and not have to create/modify a script for each and every single graphic.
      thanks for any help!
      EDIT:  as a temp work-around, I've manually dropped the objectname into the script parameter, then have the script punch that into appropriate fields.. It's annoying to set up, and takes 5x's as long, but that's currently the only method I've got for this. 
      Any further options?
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    • By Peter Wagemans
      Yesterday, I tried to move a script that creates a PDF ( and mails it ) to a server side script, as the "save records as PDF" script step is now supported in server side scripts.
      It did not work correctly, and generated an error 800 (file could not be created on disk) in the server log. Rather generic error.
      I changed the script to point to a blank layout instead. No more error. A nice blank PDF was created.
      I put a text box with "test" in it on the layout, Arial 12 point. -> error 800
      I removed the text box and put a png graphic on the layout -> OK
      I put a text box in a font that I was sure of the server did not have -> OK!
      I tried this several times, 2 several fonts, and the results and errors were consistent. So if during the PDF creation, the server replaces the font reference by its own replacement font reference, it is able to save as PDF. If a reference lik "Arial" is used, it fails and the server reports the generic error that it can not create the file on disk (800).
      I'm using MacOS 10.12.4 as client and Window Server 2012R2 as the server. Maybe there is a cross platform issue here? As always, more testing is required.
      Can anyone confirm similar issues? Any workarounds that are known? Any thoughts and insights?

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