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what happens if I create a solution in FM16 and use the "Card Window" feature and someone else who still has FM15 wants to work with my solution? Will this work or is it not even possible to run the FM16 solution?

Thanks in advance,


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It will run but it will throw an error 3 (not supported) when your script comes to the line where you show a new Card window.  You can trap for the error and branch around it and do something else if your user does not have 16.

You can also specify 16 as the minimum version required to open the file, that's a setting in File Options.

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This topic is 1220 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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      Is there a way to achieve this in FM18? What are your thoughts on this kind of UI and the alternatives?
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      It’s here!
      Addressing the demand from users from across the world, FM Quizillaa app is now released for Android! Now use your Android handset to practice for the FileMaker certification by downloading the FM Quizillaa app from the Google PlayStore. The new and improved FM Quizillaa app for Android has got an intuitive User Interface and gives better access to all the modules. So, Experience-Practice for the FileMaker 17 or 16 certification exam from anytime and anywhere!
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      Also, the source file that im working on is in this link (filemaker 16 file):

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      Could someone help me with this question?
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      Yours sincerely
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