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Web Form with Filemaker 7 Help


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I am a new user with Filemaker. I have been asked to upgrade a Filemaker 5 database to the new Filemaker 7. They use the Filemaker database with web publishing to allow users to complete a survey which gets entered directly into the database.

The survey is accessed via the web as html. On the first page, it redirects to the actual survey after the introduction with this code:

url= FMPro?-db=ballot_.fp7&-lay=Survey&-format=survey.htm&-view

The second Page which is the actual Survey has this code:


<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-Token" VALUE="StartUp">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-DB" VALUE="ballot_.fp7">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-LAY" VALUE="Survey">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-error" VALUE="regerror.htm">

etc., etc.


The problem is that this worked fine under Filemaker 5. After upgrading to Filemaker 7, These files no longer work and it gives a FMPro not found error. Does anyone know what needs to be changed for it to work?

I have enabled web publishing on this ballot_.fp7 file giving access to all.

Much thanks!

Version: v7.x

Platform: Windows XP

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This topic is 6518 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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