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application tracking problem

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I'm trying to improve a database that we use to record the status of student course applications. Basically I want it to regularly check for course applications which we have received and have not been acted on for 30 or more days and then send a email to the course tutor.

I set up a related table which displays a portal on the main page to record the latest status of an application and all I need to do is search for those records whose last tracking record = under consideration. Now as soon as applications come in we mark them as under consideration, but as we make decisions we'll create other records in the portal accordingly.

The find request is fine, but I need a way of eliminating the records which have other records than the initial "under consideration" listed. I figured that I should create another field in which I could copy the field contents of the last portal row using a script. However the scripts that I thought of would only do this for the first record in the set, even when using a loop, here's an example:

Enter Browse Mode

Go to Field [ Actions2::tracking ]

Go to Portal Row [ Last ]

Copy [ Actions2::tracking ] [ Select ]

Paste [ Admissions 03-04::tracking duplicate last entry ] [ Select ]

Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Admissions 03-04::Date rec count: "?30" AND Admissions 03-04:: tracking duplicate last entry: "=under consideration" AND PG admin::Programme: "=MA" ] [ Restore ]

Freeze Window

Go to Layout [ "email fields" (Admissions 03-04) ]

Copy All Records/Requests

Go to Layout [ "holding cell" (Admissions 03-04) ]

Paste [ Admissions 03-04::global ] [ Select ]

Go to Layout [ original layout ]

Send Mail [ To: "[email protected]"; CC: "[email protected]"; Subject: "Outstanding MA applications"; Message: "Dear Tutor," & "

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This topic is 7212 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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