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IWP problems and HELP!


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I'm new to FM Pro 7 but not to Filemaker though most of my experience was a couple years ago

though i did run earlier web enabled dbs with little problem.

So I have a client with 2 FM4 Win databases which easily converted into FMpro7 on a mac 10.3.8.

Everything works fine and dandy from the conversion in FMpro.

The problem is access via a web browser.

3 other users on PCs with XP pro. They only need data entry and perusal.

I enabled IWP down port 591. Databases show up on browsers in the IWP page.

Users either get a password screen where they can't authenticate or a Javascript alert that

too many people are logged in (and no-one is logged in).

When I quit the Databases on the main server it appears that any account trying to login is spawning

a few times thus preventing login (hence the JS error). This is odd because no-one has actually

logged in.

These (appear) to be relatively simple dbs, though i didn't write them. And they weren't ever web enabled before.

I was able to login and out using a "dummy" db i created before i converted these things and tried to

activate them. I don't quite get what's happening here- these are not very sophisticated databases

and I've put up sql and Oracle on linux boxes in less time then I've spent on this. My "simple" solution

has turned into a weird time sink.

Any pointers to whatever it is that's not working would be appreciated.


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This topic is 6604 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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