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Embossed button Issue

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Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that I was having issues with all buttons that were embossed with a hairline point line.

In FM7 the buttons look fine. However in FM8 these buttons now look flat and ugly. The embossing is still on them, however, I had to change the line to 1 point from hairline to make it look like it did in 7.

I havent tried it on the mac because this company doesnt have a mac, so I am not sure if it is only XP specific.

Figured I would post it because it was such a pain in the butt to ungroup each button that I had on every layout that I had, in order to change the line point on them...

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I'm not surprised. With vs. 7, I couldn't tell any difference between hairline and 1 pt (on XP anyway). I haven't seen 8 yet but it sounds like there now is a difference - as it should be, ie, why have two different line settings that produce the same effect! Thanks for the heads up! :wink2:

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I'm seeing the same thing with buttons in FileMaker 8 on a Mac (10.3.9). I agree with LaRetta, that this is how it should be. You now get exactly what you ask for. Yes, it could be annoying if you ignored the setting in 7 however, because they both looked the same then.

Another change I've noticed, which I'm not at all fond of, is the change in List View. In 7 if you changed the background of the Header part to a fill (any color but white), the blank line between the Header and Body went away. This enabled a subtle low-contrast look, quickly, without having to draw a line over that black line; so you didn't have to specifically set a width; it looked good at any width.

But now the black separator line is back in 8, with a vengeance. You have to draw a line over it again, if you want any subtlety at all, which means your layout only looks good at a fixed width (which means adjusted size, which throws you out of maximize on Windows).

Not only that, but the line can no longer be covered by a 1 pixel line. It must be a 2 pixel line. 1 pixel seems to cover, in Layout mode, but does not it Browse. It is odd, because the Footer lines work the same in both versions; which is that you need to draw a line to hide the black, but the line can be 1 pixel, and must be 1 pixel down into the Footer (odd in itself, but the same as always).

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Hi Fenton,

That will certainly be an issue I'll have to address throughout many layouts! I handle my layouts exactly as you do and my headers will need to be adjusted. Truth? I never did reach optimum in my 7 solution; I kept learning better ways of handling things as I began to grok it. It's a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. When I review it now (and considering 8's enhancements), it all looks clunky, messy and slow.

I think a simple rewrite in 8 makes more sense than removing and reworking much of it (including the layouts and buttons). And now, since we can duplicate tables, copy/paste Custom Functions and Scripts, it'll be a joy (and a piece of cake)!!

LaRetta :wink2:

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This topic is 6664 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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