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iwp_home.html redirect

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We are hosting a number of web applications using filemaker server 8.0 Advanced.

Currently using the 'Exit Application' function which takes the user back to the iwp_home.html page. We can of course edit this to look as we wish, but the problem is that as we host a number of sites, when the user 'logs out' and the exit application function is executed we want to set it up so the user is taken to a different page depending on what application they are exiting from. Is this possible or does it have to be the iwp_home.html page?

Many thanks.


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Hi Andrew,

Acutally I have the same question and I am still looking for an answer. I have heard about some kind of intelligent scripting but have not seen it yet.

My first cheap solution is a modified homepage that doesn´t display any databases and have custom graphics with a linkbutton back to the intranet startpage. My customer have a big intranet site which I have a link button to. Some parts of that intranet links to FM-databases and custom functionality and when they are logged out from the IWP-session they will see my custom homepage which looks much like the intranet standard look in the header.

Well, does anyone have a more smooth solution to this without leaving IWP?

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There are a number of ways to redirect from the iwp_home.html file on your way out of an IWP session. They are all based on looking at the referring URL.

1. Javascript code in the iwp_home.html file looking at subdomains in the URL. IE doesn't like this one. Lookup "Javascript document.referrer".

2. A redirect in the iwp_home.html file pointing to a PHP file that looks at the referring URL and in turn decides where to redirect to. Lookup "php redirect".

3. Creating virtual servers in your httpd.conf file and using subdomains for each unique database. OS X Server makes this really easy. In your iwp_home.html file, you simply redirect to "/index.html" and Apache will point to the correct home directory based on domain/subdomain. This is probably the best solution for hosting multiple clients' databases from a single machine, if you are also going to host client web pages from that machine.

With all of these solutions, you need to have some unique identifier in your IWP URL. This means you need to use domains/subdomains for each hosted FM file, or use a redirecting technique that can look at the path and query string of the URL and pick out a FMP file name.

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This topic is 6391 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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