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I am currently trying to refine and develop a new/additional version of a FMPro database I have online that allows users to find a narrow selection of products based on criteria they input.

Currently I have a setup of one large form with multiple selections in multiple categories that they can either check off as a desired feature or leave unchecked if unknown to them. Based on what was checked off a Find is done and any product that matches all of the selected features is returned. This works well and is what my client wanted.

Now they want something new. Instead of one large form, they want a series of questions to be asked, each question narrowing the Find further and further. I have ths working well, but there are some features I can't quite figure out if they are possible.

1) I need to branch off to different layouts depending upon which choice is selected. All my choices are Radio Button based fields. So depending upon which radio button was selected, then follwed by pushing a "NEXT" button, it would take you to different layouts. I can't set up each choice as a regular button because by pushing the radio button they are actually entering a criteria in the Find process. Unless I can duplicate the Radio Button/Find function with regular buttons?

2) After a group of returned records is displayed (say 10 or more) I want the user to be able to select up to 5 of them and then display them in a Comparisson Chart format. Note: the users are Read Only Guest accounts.

3) As they progress through the questions I want each answer to be saved as a increasing list of the features they want that can then be displayed at the end of their search. i.e. Car, Blue, Convertable, 6 cylinder. Each one having been thier answer to a seperate multiple choice question.

I am using FileMaker Pro 7.0v3.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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This topic is 6474 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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