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"Not Empty" Validation with FMP5 not working

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I've just upgraded to FMP 5.0v3 with eb Companion 5.0v6 on a Macintosh G4. I've done a lot of custom web work with FMP4 and am just getting a feel for the differences with the new version. Not many, but one appears to be the way Web Companion 5.0v6 handles field-level validation.

In FMP4, I have a db with a field that has its validation set to "Not Empty." If somebody tries to submit a -New action with that field empty, FMP4 Web Companion will create the new record then check the record's validation: if the validation fails FMP4 Web Companion returns the error HTML file (with error 509) and, if "delete record" privileges are available, web companion deletes the invalid record automatically. (I just confirmed this behaviour by finding serial number gaps.)

Ok, my problem is that I *cannot* get FMP 5.0v3 with Web Companion 5.0v6 to do the same thing. If I set field validation to "not empty" Web Companion creates the record but doesn't give a bugger about the validation: it neither returns the error page nor deletes the record. However, the "unique" validation is working and Web Companion will behave as expected (returns the error page and instantly deletes the newly made record.)

What am I asking for? Well, are you getting the same behaviour or is it just me? Is it a bug or undocumented feature? Is there a fix for it? Hints or suggestions...



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Well I dunno what happened but the validation is working now. I did a lot of cleaning up on the layout and perhaps the unnecessary fields were confusing it.

You can all stop thinking about it now.

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This topic is 8672 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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