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Plz someone reply this...urgent..

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I am very new to fm.I have downloaded the trial version.I want to know more about web publishing,any resources..

also is it possible using fm that i can put up a database on the web and give options for adding/deleting records on the site itself,something what ASP can do with access/sql databases.

also what is the use of fm server,is it used for tasks what i just mentioned,

can fm be used for interactivity in web pages generated from database..like changing database online.

please let me know any resources related to web companinon,fm server,etc.

I just have the trial version which does not contain any help on above topics.

also can i get somewhere fm server where i can upload my files for practice.

plz someone reply to this,it will be of a great help.


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Yes , exist serevals solutions for publish a FMPRO database on the Web. The most 'easy' is to use CDML (claris homepage) which create dyn pages using CGI, no need to get a 'special' web server, only web companion, or if you want a powerful solution you can use LASSO LDML (module for dreamweaver or golive), you can download a trial version at www.lassostudio.com but you will need to use WEB DATA Engine server too.

ASP is not really fast with fmpro database..

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This topic is 8604 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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