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publishing database from within a network

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I've been attempting to share 1 database for a while, but it seems that because I am 1 of 6 or 7 computers within a network, that there are more steps that I don't know about. We all have the same external IP, so I'd have to then direct a user to MY local IP. plus, I don't really know much about the port or "port forwarding." Does this mean I should use a DNS (would that even help)? What do I need to do?


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Lol, people make me laugh ;) -- Don't worry, I'm not talking about you, it's just a general statement.

Okay, basics 101.

External Ip




Local Network


6 PC's one of which is you and on which filemaker is sitting.

How it works -- Someone hits the internet with:


This request goes to your router. Now if you've told your router that all traffic requested on port 509 is to go to your computer -- then the request will hit your computer, go to filemaker and then answer the request -- i.e. IWP works.

Now the router obviously can't guess which computer to forward the traffic to so you have to tell it by "forwarding" the port to your PC identified either by your LocalIP address (generally prefixed with 192.168.) your MAC address, or your computer name -- whichever you prefer. Then all the traffic will be thrown to you :

(All of the above is only if 509 is default port for IWP ... from memory it is)

Oh and by the way, you may need a DNS but only if you don't have static IP - most companies do so you probably won't need to deal with it.

PS -- forward the TCP port

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Well, I think I understand pretty well now, how is SHOULD work. Alas, its still not working. I've set my internal IP to static at I figured out how to access my router, and set the port range 20-20 to forward to for the application "filemaker". My database is open on that computer. Network Sharing is turned on.

Using Safari I type in but I cannot connect so what do I need to change there?


I open IWP settings. The URL is already there for me and I cannot change it. It says but this is my internal IP. Where or how do I tell it my external IP?

thanks for all your help!

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This topic is 6141 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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