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Basic Knowledge: Security and other questons

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Hi... please take into consideration that I am in no way a html programmer or FM expert...

I have a database that I've posted to the web using cdml culled from the help files. Essential it is an online searchable database of plant information open to the public.

What I'm confused about is how I implement security so that people can't change the data at all. When I try to add passwords to limit write access the browsers demand a password from casual visitors. While I figure that 99.9% of people will be unable to write code to access the parts of the databse I want to keep safe, it looks like it could be done with the proper CDML commands.

The other question I have is that I would like to move the database off the PC it is on (which other people use all the time) and onto my server (running Appleshare IP 6.3) so that &^^%* people would quit turning it off. Is it possible to host the database on a machine with another web server on it?

This is an experimental project that I'm hoping can take the burdens off the phones but not cost big$$ to keep implemented. I'll have to invest in Unlimited if it works out. As it is it works fine for the few hits we get but I'm always striving to improve.

Any advice, hints, easy-to-use self-help references would be appreciated.


check it out at http://www2.holesonline.com:591/

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Preventing web users from changing data: there are two options. If you are using the FMP built-in passwords, create a <no password> in all of the shared databases that allows only browse and export privileges.

If you are using the Web Security databases, create a record for each database, and in each db record create an "all users" user rcord that allows only export and browse.

As for a permanent host for FMP, get a dedicated machine. reports from others indicate that FMP and AppleShare are not a happy mix.

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This topic is 8363 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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