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Is there a way to initiate pop-up screens using IWP? Meaning, I want to be able to offer a poll as an example, when user chooses poll they will then get another screen that pops-up asking them to cast vote. Another scenario may be that I want to have a list of items pup up that they can view in the main window.

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Please show some patience here. The interactions posible with IWP is recieving a step-childish treatment ...simply because it's a bit away from what is the core task a rdbs-tool should maintain.

You may have thrown at the tools mercy, with a set of prejudice which isn't quite justified - and certainly nothing you can blame this forum for at least.

I have seen what you wish to do, but it have only just yet been included as a feature in the tool - the webviewer, but as far as I know is it requirering a solid knowledge to java-script that I at least not have! You would probably find more dedicated knowledge at http://www.fmwebschool.com/ where you find forums where such tricks are debated.

A main problem with rich web expirience is that it's not math-bound knowledge, but instead a technique du-jour which a different kind of people surf along at to yield fast profit, in sheer hope that a geek somewhere have scrutinized the application enough to provide you with the needed step-stone. Indeed such cyclopes exists, but you're gambling to get any messages from them from an arbitrary forum ...without aiming a little sharper on where they possibly might roam.

Similar to getting investment advices from origami specialist or getting advice on a sparepart to you antique motorcar from the fishmonger. In short geeks isn't just geeks...



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This topic is 5752 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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