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Creating a HTML page for each record off a template and uploading

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I am currently creating a website for an antique store. They have all thier stock on a FMP4.1 database and im looking for a viable and efficent way of creating a HTML page off a template for each record/peice of stock for upload. I have lookd into custom web publishing but it seems that you can only create a template that loads the record info dynamically when a record is accsessed.

Any help would be very much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Thomas Manning

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The trick is to create your html page as a text calculation, then export each page as a single file. To do this you'll need to use the Troi File plug-m.... if I remember correctly it includes a demo HTML export... if not, I think I may have an example database for it.

You can also create index/directory pages in HTML for accessing the pages you create using a script which captures page links using a sinngle field list layout, a set of looped finds, and a copy all records statement. I'll try and see if I can knock up a demo to do this.

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In answer to your question, what you can do, is create one template that fills the information automatically from a search request generated from a link and not a form.

for instance, let's say that the main page will have a featured item and that you you want a new item to be set by the database as a featured item by the store owner everymonth. First, you would create a field that flags that record as a featured item, then on the page you would simply put a picture of the item (which could also be placed there dynamically) and then assign it a link tag like this (for a dynamically generated page)

FMPro?-DB=inventory.fp3&-Lay=inventory&-Format=detail.htm&featureditem=[FMP-FIELD: featureditem]&-Find

or for a static page where you have have a link that says "featured items "=


Try reading the CDML tool that comes with filemaker 4.1. It's really a good place to start, also, you might want to try using Claris Homepage to create the database framework of the page (and use golive for the rest. smile.gif

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This topic is 8787 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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