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"Format File Not Found" error, HELP!

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When I submit the form, I get an error that says "Format File Not Found"

I have checked EVERYTHING to make sure that the "-format" is correctly tagged in the form, and that the correct file is in the correct place. All the spelling is correct, and all the simple remedial stuff is right. It just won't go through. I'm using FMP 4.0v3, with Web Companion 4.0v3, on an iMac 266, with OS 8.6 installed. I have a number of other databses running and they work just fine, I just can't get this one to do it.

Go to the page and check out the source code if you want: http://hsfo.ucdavis.edu:591/orientation/register.html

When I just type in the format page, it loads, so I know that it's there. This is the format page: http://hsfo.ucdavis.edu:591/orientation/regfax.html

Here's another database I'm running on the same server. It works fine: http://hsfo.ucdavis.edu:591/directory/

I really have NO IDEA what's going on here. PLEASE email me with what you think the problem might be.

Thank you in advance.


[email protected] http://hsfo.ucdavis.edu/

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If your format file is calling information from a filemaker file that does not have sharing and multi-user set up, you can get that error message. That has happened to me a few times and gotten me real puzzled. I hope this helps.

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This topic is 8782 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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