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Calculations on the web

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Hello all,

I need some help getting my web database to calculate and show the total. I have detailed the setup below in hopes that may help you help me.

First calculation field is a text field with a value list and no additional text:





Second fields are identical in text format, no text:



The calculation field needs to show the total. This is the calculation that worked the last time:

"TextToNum(Early Registration Fee) + TextToNum(East Additional Tickets) + TextToNum(West Additional Tickets)", with the fields respective to the above order.

This field is then used in an encryption code to be sent via a secure secondary server to a credit card site.

If anyone knows how to make this field show the calculation on the web, I would be forever grateful! At least until the next problem pops up smile.gif!!!


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The problem is that the text fields all contain the "$" character. You'll need to remove the "$" before the TextToNum function will work properly. Try this...

TextToNum(Subs(Early Registration Fee; "$"; "") + ...

I have used the Subs() function here, but Left() could have also been used, but would neeed to assume that the "$" is always typed.

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This topic is 8737 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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