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Auto-enter calculation in IWP

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I'm using an auto-enter calculation (replaces existing value) to create an audit trail of particular fields. It's a fairly common script I believe (originally by a company called Database Pros). My version looks like this:


PatternCount("Request Approval Status"; Get(ActiveFieldName)); //Enter the fields you want to track

GetAsText(Get(CurrentDate)) & " | " & 

GetAsText(Get(CurrentTime)) & " | " & 

If ( Commissioning Party::_gAccount = "" ; Get(AccountName) ; Accounts::_gAccount ) & " | " & 

Get(ActiveFieldName) & " = " &

Case(Get(ActiveFieldName) = "Request Approval Status"; Request Approval Status; )  & 

Case(not IsEmpty(Audit Request Approval Status); "¶") & Audit Request Approval Status;

Audit Request Approval Status //In case you modify the Log field, the default prevents the contents from being removed


Works fine in FM client. But it does not seem to update in IWP after the record is committed.

I have more complex versions of this which tracks more than one field within the same audit field, and when a field has a value entered into it for the very first time it will store the value in the audit log from IWP, but only for the first field out of the fields tracked. In other words, if the auto-enter calculation audit field is tracking 5 fields, and I put a different value into each of the 5 fields from IWP and commit the record, only the first field gets an audit log.

Does anyone know why this might be happening, or if it is possible to manually fire of the auto-enter calculation from IWP?


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This topic is 4333 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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