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Interactive Container Issues on Hosted Database

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Hi All,


I have been trying to implement the Content Management starter solution into my database. It is currently hosted on FMS12 but all clients are running FMPA13. 


The problem I am having appears to only effect files on my Macbook Air when accessing the file. I get an error when dragging a PDF into the Interactive container that reads



File does not begin with '%PDF-'.



I have check and all of the PDF files I have tried to upload have the same issue, however, I have confirmed that all of these files begin with %pdf in a plain text editor. I can still open the files once they are uploaded, this issue only manifests when the container tries to display the PDF file in the container.


Files uploaded to the same database, and the same container field on a Windows 7 machine, do not have the same issue. Similarly, my Macbook Air does not exhibit the same symptoms when t he files is accessed on my local machine!!


Does anyone have any ideas? I have been trying to fix this for 4 days now and I am totally out of ideas!

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This topic is 2586 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By mleiser
      I go into my FM server like I always did before. The only difference is I'm coming in through teamviewer as I'm not in the office. I get this message and just don't know what to do:
      I get the following error message. Tried to push the button to start database on the top left and it's hanging.
      The database server is not available
      admin console functionality is limited to filemaker server overview and the log viewer panes.
      to use other functionality, the server administrator must start the database server again.
    • By wedgeman
      We are working on a process for passing certain info nuggets out of a solution (FMP 13) in an encrypted method.
      For various reasons a version upgrade isn't feasible. So the plan is to encrypt the nuggets, then pass them into a format for transport.
      Currently, we're using Applescript to pass the particular fields into an AES-256-CBC encryption process in a calculated Applescript step, as follows :
      The problems which concern me here:
      1. The password is "traveling" into Terminal in plaintext.   Is there a way this can be viewed during the process (a 'ps' or some other method)??
      2. Is there a better method to accomplish this without running as an echo?
      I've tried various flavors of this process (successful encryption & transport, etc), but am most concerned about the potential vulnerability from within OSX.. I've run various flavors, then attempted to grep for any of the password strings in log files and Library/Application Support/ folders, but haven't found anything...
      Is this an unfounded issue, or should I be going a different direction?
    • By dezkev
      Hello all,
      as the subject says unable to install trial version of Fm 14 on a win 7 based pc with 4 GB RAM and i3 processor. After some googling I understand this to be a bitness problem.
      My pc is 32 bit -- but the installer seems to be only for 64 bit. Maybe the trial version does not have separate installers - quite defeats the purpose of a trial version in my opinion.
      I am logged in as administrator - but even then the error keeps coming up.
      Error  is something like " Unable to install or uninstall filemaker on this system.Please refer to system requirements in the installation instructions for more information". 
      Please advise.
    • By lowbrow
      Although I used FileMaker 3-4 years ago to build a nice database to organize my material, research, and notes for my creative writing projects (and I still use that same database today), I haven't actually built anything new in FileMaker since then, so bear with me!
      My current objective is to create something that approximates a merger between the 'Starter Solution – Contacts' and the 'Starter Solution – Content Management' templates.  
      The 'Contacts' starter solution template is a pretty great foundation for what I need in order to organize personnel because I'm doing a pretty large project wherein I will be working on a variety of smaller creative productions for which I will be collaborating with dozens of actors, actresses, musicians, writers, photographers, videographers/filmmakers, models, etc.  
      The 'Content Management' template is only so-so for what I would like in order to organize a database of material, ideas, and notes (I will be primarily authoring or writing most of the scripts and sketches to be performed or produced as well as being the overall manager of all the creative content made).
      One concrete problem is that I'm having trouble creating a conditional value list, where I first select the "medium" or the type of content that will ultimately be produced (writing, still photography, or video/film), then according to my selection, the options for the next field will be narrowed down to a pre-determined set of choices (for example, if I chose 'still photography,' my options for the next field would be something like: "nature photos, portraiture photos, action photos, architecture photos, object photos," etc.).  
      I did find a guide for doing this, but it's not quite working for me.  If anyone knows the best (and possibly simplest!) way to achieve this, I'd very much appreciate it if you shared this with me.
      Anyway, I would also like other fields on Content Management database, like logistical information (date and time of production, location of production, etc.).  But a key feature I would like is for it to be connect with the Contacts database.  By this I mean that I can plug in perhaps 3-4 potential actors who might be compatible to cast for a specific role in a specific script in the Content Management database, and after plugging them in, I'd like for there to be some kind of button or function where I can click each of the candidates' names (or click a button next to each name) and be directed to their record or profile in the Contacts database (which will have their bio, photos, contact info, etc.).  
      I appreciate any tips!  I know I can find all of this out simply by researching more, but I was just hoping perhaps someone had a quick solution, as it seems like the need for combining these two types of databases might arise fairly often.
    • By Joost Miltenburg
      I am trying to enable Web Publishing tool in FileMaker Server 12.05 on a Windows 7 x64 with Java 7 (update 75) and IIS running (World Wide Web Publishing Service  running normally) . but I am facing this wired error which I can't get rid of. Tried a lot of things I saw on the internet without any luck.
      I have attached a snap of the error as well.
      Any tips or ideas are highly appreciated it.

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