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exporting invoicelines to excel vs save as excel

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MacOSX 10.10.1




Strangest thing. 


I am exporting invoice lines with some invoice header date ( print_date, invoice_number ). I have done this dozens of times, but after export the excel opens with hundreds of white lines between records.

When I us save this file with 'save as excel' the data contains no white lines.


I added portals to the lines to see if there are one to many relationships, but there are none.


Any ideas as where to look ?



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@no_access, The Trim4  is a very useful custom function that I use often. However, I’m not sure how it comes to play when working with exports to Excel.


@Joost,  what’s the purpose of exporting to Excel? Maybe more information on what you’re trying to accomplish could help us. Also if this is a scripted process a copy of your script and or file might help us as well.

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This topic is 2062 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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