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styles and themes tab control

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I am new to using themes and styles.  I have chosen the onyx theme for my new project.  My issue I am having is for tab controls I put in the layout are not formatting when I change object attributes.  I have set fill and line to no fill and no lines yet it still shows up with borders and a bar behind the tab selection area.  I use transparent tab panels for a lot of user interface objectives and have wasted hours trying to figure out why it won't change when I make them in the inspector bar



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Try it this way.  Set the labels to 10 points, so you can see them.  Outside the tab control, with your mouse, click and drag over the tab control so it highlights.  In the inspector>appearance tab, click the box to remove all formatting.  Then go down and change everything to 'none' or the first box (white line with line thru it). 


Don't select the tabs individually,


Then set the label width to '0', and the tabs will disappear.

I just tried it on a new/blank layout

Edit:  simplified response

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Hi Trinity,


If you want to use Onyx ... that theme will be deprecated.  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12641/kw/deprecated%20theme


If you wish to use it, copy that theme to custom theme and only use your new custom theme going forward.  It isn't indicated when these themes will be removed from theme options but it is best to start now otherwise later, you'll have to go through each layout and change them to custom later which will waste your time.


Custom themes you create can be imported between files.  You indicate you are on version 11 - please update your profile if you get the chance.  :-)

It is also very important NOT to build up a lot of local styles.  So if you use transparent tabs, save them as a style or update its current style.  If you update the current tab style by replacing existing style and then save the changes to the theme, that chance will replicate throughout your solution for all tab controls with same style name.

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I thought I would pass along this heads up.


I liked the onyx style,  i.e. the white on black look. However, they are hard to read on an iPad in the bright sunlight.



Here is a quick link to to update your profile, be sure to change all of the pertinent information beside your FileMaker version (OS and Platform). MY PROFILE

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Thanks all for the advice.  I did try the method Steve advised but don't seem to see a box that removes all formatting.  I do have all fills and lines set to none.  Graphic top bar is still showing?

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This topic is 1946 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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