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13.0v5 doesn't fix "incoming network connections" bug, adds a new bug -- but both are correctable!


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I excitedly saw that 13.0v5 was just released, and it said that they were fixing the annoying "allow/deny incoming network connections" bug.


I dutifully upgraded.  Not only did the bug persist (!), but it introduced a new one -- for the database I access, I have the password saved to keychain, but it started asking me all the time to enter the password, and whether I wanted to save it to keychain.




But, I was able to fix both issues (yay!).


For the incoming network connections issue.  First,  quit FM.  Second, go to the Firewall settings on your Mac, and edit the options.  Remove FM's entry. Third, go to Terminal, and enter this command:

sudo codesign --force --sign - /Applications/FileMaker Pro 13/FileMaker Pro.app/

It will ask for your password.  Enter it.  It'll resign the app (which couldn't be done with the prior version).  The next time you start up FM should be the *last* time that you have to allow incoming network connections.


As to the other issue if you now have to enter your password every time to access your database, even though you specified for it to be saved in Keychain, this is what you need to do.  Again, quit FM, go to Keychain.  Search for "Filemaker".  Delete the password for your database in the list.  Start FM, enter your password, and say save it to Keychain.  Quit FM.  Go back to Keychain, search for "Filemaker" and click the info icon at the bottom.  Under "Access Control" it says "confirm before allowing access" -- but you'll notice that "always allow access by these applications" doesn't list FM.  Click the plus button.  Find the FM app, and select it.  Save changes. 

Start up FM, you should be fine!  


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Hi Mike,


The Issue with a New Update... no taking Info from the Mac Key Chain... is not a bug.  FileMaker V Revs are not identified as being the same app as the previous app...at least initially by the Keychain.   It is confused.   


A restart of the Mac will clear the issue, and afterward... it will be able to access the Key Chain again.


- RC

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Mike, there is no useful information in your post(sorry) for anyone who has followed the instruction to restart after installing the update. From what I can tell you neglected to do this before posting. That said, thank you for posting fixes for a set of problems. The problems do not occur when performing a restart after the upgrade before launching the updated software.

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Mike, your post is good info.

We have a lot of users, that never reads instructions, like e.g. you need to reboot after applying the update.

So, I am sure we will get support calls when such users update and don't follow instructions.

I have written your tips into our knowledge base.

Thanks for sharing, and keep doing so in the future.


Richard, good to know, that if update instructions is followed, it should not cause such issues...

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I stand by my post.


GOOD! You didn't do anything wrong. I’m disappointed in a couple of members who made it seem like you did. I hope they will go back and edit their posts to tone down the harsher stuff. On the good side, others thanked you for the heads up. 




This group is too quick to judge. I will stay quiet on the future and no longer post.


Regarding this post, I agree. 


IMHO, FileMaker needs to make the need to Restart after installation more obvious, or do like other software and tell you to close the application as you are starting the upgrade, or others instruct you to restart the application to finish the upgrade.


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This topic is 2865 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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