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Container PDF PNG issue on Mac Preview

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I'm having issues accessing a file that was added to Digital Docs tab of the Accounts Table.

Both methods drag and drop and insert button were tested to add a PDF FILE and give the same issue.

Manage Containers indicate on STORAGE the following [database location]/DB_Documents and on THUMBNAILS Generate and store thumb for images checked, Permanent storage checked.

When I try to double click inside the container NOTHING HAPPEN and when I hit the button OPEN it shows the message on the image BUT NOTE that the text on the message is referring to a PNG !!! file and not to a PDF !!!

Well using debugger and data watch the container has the correct name of the file "ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf" not PNG 

If I open the folder DB_Documents/T01_ACCOUNTS/account_container

the files(attached)  ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf AND ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.png (generated- apparently the thumb nail with the internal storage)

are present and when double clicked open without any problems in Preview.

FINALLY this doesn't happen if the container has an Excel file or a word doc (non preview)


Any help will substantially reduce my level of stress !


Beto Boton

AustraliaPreview_SCR_002.thumb.png.06e3f25e0cfb21 ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf

ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.png

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Further investigation on this matter, reveals an issue with script 2306 Accounts_Container_Export OR the way external storage has been handled (could not find out yet).


IF we have set a container to store a reference to the file only, while inserting the PDF file, when you hit open, the file will open properly.


If you set External storage for the container, the folder Datafiles is created the folder account_container also created and 3 files placed inside as follows
A copy of the original PDF file
A JPG of the original PDF file and
A PNG of the original PDF file

See attached screenshot.Finder_SCR_001.thumb.jpg.338d5cf9c430053

All of the above files will work perfectly if double clicked from the finder opening without a glitch with Preview.

But when called to open via button OPEN script 2306 Accounts_Container_Export calls to open $filename  "Replacing the contents of a field.png" and not the supposed "Replacing the contents of a field.pdf" and gives the error message like the one above 

The file  "Replacing the contents of a field.PNG" could not be opened.


I do understand the creation of thumbnails, their storage etc. BUT I don't understand why the parameter to open the file in the container is passed as PNG not the file PDF, and why preview is not opening the file, if manually it does? 

This is essential if we receive lots of PDF product catalogs from suppliers.

I hope I explained this issue properly and someone had already solved the puzzle and will be able to help with this.

I'm sure there is something I'm missing...




Beto Boton


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We are aware of this issue and have fixed it in the to-be-released version of FileMaker however, I will post the fix here




All you need is the top line of code that says "getContainerAttribute" after that, you put the name of the field that was in the old line of code, then "Filename" 


problem Solved,




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Hi Jonathan

THANK YOU very much for your reply!
I believe I'm at a stage of modifications of the original FMSP, I reached a point of no return for a new version.(Modules included etc) 
I'm a newbie trying to do a Pro's job I know...

Let me check with you if I understood correctly.
I was able to identify the following scripts that need to be rectified:

Documents Script 2337
Contacts  Script 2301
Accounts  Script 2306
Projects  Script 2309
Projects  Script 2316, 2317, 2318, 2319 for T16_PROJECTS::contract1,T16_PROJECTS::contract2, T16_PROJECTS::contract3, T16_PROJECTS::contract4

Total of 8 Scripts, any others I missed?

There are 2 types of reference for filenames

First the ones (2316, 2317, 2318, 2319) like "T16_PROJECTS::contract4"
were replaced with
GetContainerAttribute ( T16_PROJECTS::contract4 ; "filename" )
// Middle ( GetAsText(T16_PROJECTS::contract4) ; Position ( GetAsText(T16_PROJECTS::contract4) ; "/" ; 1 ; PatternCount ( GetAsText(T16_PROJECTS::contract4) ; "/" ) ) + 1 ; 1000 )


others like on script 2306  where the reference is " T01_ACCOUNTS::account_container ; $repetition"
I tried the 2 following options without success

GetContainerAttribute ( T01_ACCOUNTS::account_container ; $repetition; "filename")
Here I get too many parameters

GetContainerAttribute ( (T01_ACCOUNTS::account_container ; $repetition) ; "filename")
an here I get too many parentesis ! hahahah

I have no idea...

HELP !!!
How do we refer to an indexed container like T01_ACCOUNTS::account_container ; $repetition ; "filename" ???


Thank you

Beto Boton

FOUND A POSSIBLE ANSWER, is this correct???
GetContainerAttribute ( T01_ACCOUNTS::account_container[$repetition] ; "filename" )


Edited by Beto Boton
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Hey Beto, 

Alright, two things here:

1. You do not need the second line of code that is preceded by the two forward slashes, it is unnecessary after the fix.

2. You need to ONLY change the scripts that are for container EXPORT. The OPEN/IMPORT scripts work just fin.




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This topic is 3107 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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