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Hi everyone!

I'm quite a novice in filemaker compared to many on this forum, but I've been working with it long enough now to have a pretty good hang of how to make it work for me.  My problem is as such:

My solution needs to create an HTML email when I click a scripted button in the database solution ( company banners, rich-text (like bold and larger fonts for weight) and pictures).  The HTML email also needs to be able to have calculation fields from the database so that it works like a targeted "newsletter" or "template" style email that can be sent with custom client information included such as "name, date, location and stuff".

The basic idea here is to have an HTML, mail merge kind of thing that auto populates fields from a record in the database by clicking a scripted button.  With the core FMP program I can make a plain text e-mail that has fields from the database; with the 360 works plugin I can make an HTML email.  Is there anyway I can combine best of both?

I want to know if this is possible before buying the plug-in.. PLEASE HELP!


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HTML email is not possible natively in FileMaker.  You must use a plug-in, but plug-ins are capable of drawing data from fields.


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The easiest way to do this would be to use the EmailBodySubstitute function. You would need to have placeholders (searchString) in your html. The html can be in a field, a file, or hardcoded into the script. You then set the email body with EmailSetBody or EmailSetBodyFile function and then call EmailBodySubstitute for each placeholder.

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This topic is 2973 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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