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Will a dynamic IP prevent me accessing a IWP db?


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I've managed to test a db using IWP using the test IP... I tried ver 7 yesterday and it is stunning and seems to work really well - I've designated two different ports - 591 for v6 dbs and 592 for trialing new v7 dbs - we're on a LAN here and connected to our local ISP through ADSL -

As far as I remember (from setting up my router) the IP addresses are assigned dynamically by 'xtra' (my ISP) here in NZ, and when i checked the router config. they were certainly changing over time

- the thing is how can I give an IP address to my client so he can see the db over the web if I can't ever be sure of the IP address...

further more if the machine I'm hosting it on is connected to the LAN then how do I get my (internally) static IP addressed machine to work with the dynamic addressed router - aaah bugger I think i'm way out of my depth here...

... or should I just get it hosted by someone on the net?

Any ideas


Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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Hi Andy,

OK, firstly I would recommend trying to change your dynamic IP to a static IP address, this doesn't normally cost that much more per month, check with your ISP.

If this is not an option check out someone like www.no-ip.com they keep track of your changing dynamic IP address to overcome the issues that you have.

Now with your internal static IP address working with your dynamic IP address router. You need to access your router settings, this is normally done through a web browser (check your routers documentation) you need to basically tell the router that requests that come to your router on ports 591 and 592 need to be forwarded onto your computer hosting the files by specifying the internal IP, this normally comes under the heading of port forwarding or something similar.

Another option is to set all requests on the router to go to the host computer, this works the same but you are not limiting it by port number - be careful doing this though, it can open up all sorts of security issues.

Hope this helps


Version: v7.x

Platform: Windows 2000

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I'm having the same problem in that I would like to publish a FM db onto the web but have a dynamic IP address. I signed up with no-ip.com and am able to go to my router with the new "fake" address. However that's about all I can do. I tried to use the 591 port with the address of "xxxxx.no-ip.info:591" but it won't work. I believe I configured the router (Linksys) correctly by going to the forwarding tab and typing in 591-592 for the service port range - TCP for protocol - for my local computer. I configured the FM db with port 591. I've run out of ideas. Help!!



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If u really want to deal with Databases on the web then static IP should be as need as much as the DB itself ....but I understand the setup and sometimes there is no choice with prticual ISP....in ohter words find a better ISP


no-ip is the "one in controll" over this.....

my best guess is that they do not do any port routing or that have that port blocked out

try a port# 80 as "default http"

then post some more

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i have a solution, and mine is currently working. what u need is just to use Dynamic DNS. use a client software like DynDNS, and register a free DynDNS domain name with a provider online. There are many free ones, find them.

then, u just need to forward the ports on ur router to ur internal server's ip, and run DynDNS on the server. as long as the ports are open and forwarded to the server's computer, DynDNS publishes ur ip according to ur router's ip (i.e. ur real ip on internet) to the DNS server.

if u don't have a static ip, that's fine. each time ur ip changes, DynDNS will publish ur new ip reference to the DNS server, and anyone typing ur DynDNS domain name will find u.

search more resource on the web about this with these keywords: "dynamic DNS", "dyndns", "dynamic dns behind router", etc.

good luck!

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This topic is 6354 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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