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A newbie question about IWP


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I have no experience about Filemaker online. That's why this question may be quite stupid... blush.gif

We have 1 licence of FM7. We have 3 computers in our network which should have an access to same FM-database. Is this possible to do with IWP ?

Secondly... If possible, could someone give me REALLY simple "cookbook" instructions how to do that ? tongue.gif


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Yes you can. You must follow the step below:

1-Open Filemaker nad the database.

2-Click edit on the menu bar


4-Instant web publishing,

5- Instant web publishing must be "on"

6-If you use onother server such as, IIS you must change the default port number from 80 to 519 at the advanced option

7- You can define users can access the database via IWP,

8- Before step 7 you can define users at the "file/define/accounst privileges"

9- open you browser

10- enter the address bar "http://localhost" if your default portal is 80, otherwise you must "http://localhost:519"

11- Thank me smile.gif

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I am also a newbie struggling with getting FileMaker Advanced Server 7 to work with IIS. How does IIS have to be configured? Do you need to create a website and if so what properties does it need to be assigned. For example what should be the home directory and are there any other characteristics that are critical?

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A quick note re: PoweredBy's instructions:

Filemaker recommends using port 591--not 519. 519 is used by unixtime; 591 has been registered by Filemaker for IWP use.


To elaborate a little more: according to the FM website, IWP allows 5 concurrent IWP sessions.


PoweredBy's directions pretty much cover it. To clarify, IIS and IWP operate separately--IWP does not use IIS to provide web accessibility. That is why you need to change the port number from 80 (the standard HTTP port that IIS will be using) to 591. You don't need to change anything with IIS, whcih will continue to run as it always has.

It's sort of like your stereo receiver, which has different inputs and outputs. IIS and IWP are the CD player and VCR; if you want to hear the CD player (IIS) you switch to that input (port 80), and if you want to listen to the VCR (IWP) you switch to that (port 591). The settings for the two are independent, however.

In order to access your FM database via IWP, one computer has to be running your database in Filemaker proper. Then, other machines access that machine using the appropriate URL. In my set-up, that is

I will note that it is advisable that the machine running the FM database be dedicated for that use; in my experience this machine comes to a crawl if it is used for other purposes simultaneously.



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This topic is 6619 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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