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Data from Portal to Portal - HELP !


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Hi There !

On a layout I have two portals. One displaying a list of non-editable names and the other a data entry portal with a name field on it. The first portal holds the list of names to be enterd into the second portal and I have created a button in the first portal to insert the name text and Record ID text into the second portal. I have worked this way as the whole database has to be able to work in IWP and this is the one way I have found to paste bothe the name AND the record ID data. This works fine fort the first row of the second portal, but once you have filled in the first row I can't find a way of inserting the data into a new row in the portal, even when one is created... Here is the code behind the buttom

Set Field [Event Staff::Name; People Details::Name]

Commit Record

Set Field [Event Staff::People ID; People Details::ID]

Commit Record

Do I need a button or some way of selecting records on the second portal to determine which portal row the data is selected in? Maybe go to next port row script? There are 3 othere fields to be manually entered in the second porta before the next record is read to be created...

Thanks for any help in advance



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This link just seems to bring me back to my post again... it's abbreviated though... it reads


Where is it meant to be taking me... Have also come up with the following code which sometimes works in Filemaker but not IWP... any more idea's?

Set Field [Event Details::Global Event Staff Name; People Details::Name]

Set Field [Event Details::Global Staff ID; People Details::ID]

Go to Field [Event Staff::Name]

Go to Portal Row [Last]

Set Field [Event Staff::Name; Event Details:: Global Event Staff Name]

Set FIeld [Event Staff:: People ID; Event Details::Global Event Staff ID]

Commit Records

this works sometimes, but still sometimes overrights exsisting data in the portal... any ideas?

All these script steps are indicated as web compatible but are they really?

Many Thanks


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This topic is 6619 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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