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Block Pop-Up Windows Question

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I have informed all my clients that they need to turn off Block Pop-Up Windows in the browser when accessing the database or hold down the Control key when clicking on a link. This works for almost everyone, but I have a few clients that still are not able to open a link in a new window when they follow the above instructions. I have talked them through it on the phone (they are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer), but all that happens when they click the link is the windows refreshes. I also have a client that uses AOL and the AOL browser can not get the links to open (he says he will use Explorer in the future).

Has anyone out there had similar problems and come up with any reasons and solutions. I am about to call FileMaker on this, but hoped that someone on FMForums had an answer to the issue.

I hope FileMaker will address this issue in there next release. IWP works great except for this one main issue.

Thanks in Advance for your help - Sam

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Thanks Sam - I have read that article. It may be that some of my clients have turned off JavaScript. I will contact them and see if they have done so. If so, then the solution is easy, if not, then I am not sure what to have them do next.

I see a number of answers to posts by you. Are you now publishing an IWP solution? If so, do your users like the experience.

Thanks - Sam

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Sorry for the long delay replying, I've been out of town.

Define happy : Web browsers don't behave as well as FileMaker Client, but they are cheaper. Folks will be happy if saving money is a bigger issue than interface quirks.

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This topic is 6666 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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