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many to many relationship

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my db bases on clienttracker starter solution. there is the client table and there is a contact table, related by the clientID number.

we have some products for which we want to have the contact's interest registered. I solved it with a many-to-many-relationship (see http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/179213/post/216866/#216866 )

but this doesn't attend the needs completely.

the interest in each of our services needs to be with the client/company name, but we need to be able to indicate which of the various contacts related to a company would be responsible for each of these services.

to cut it short:

in the client table one should be able to assign interest level to the different services and chose one or more out of the list of contacts of this client.

as a result, one would see (in a portal) the interest of the client in each service on the client layout, and on the contact layout one would see in each contact of the client only the relevant services for this single person.

example: we have company xxy with contacts john, peter and mary and we have the services a, b and c.

xxy is a user of service b, has interests in service a and c. john is responsible for the area that could use service b, mary for a and c and peter is just another contact.

So, on the client record of xxy I will see service a marked as user, and service b and c as potential user.

On the contact layout of peter I won't have any service mentioned

on the record of john I will see service b and "user" marked

on the record of mary I will see service a and c will be marked as "potential"

best would be if I could enter this information through the contact and the client table.

i really hope someone understands what exactly I would like to do. i'm not sure i could express myself properly.

thanks a lot!


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to make it more simple, i could just include the clientID in the join table and then put a portal on the client layout. the problem here is that when there are several contacts of the same company responsible for decision making on a certain service, i have repeated entries.

Is there a way to omit repeated entries in a portal.


i have peter and john as responsible for the use of service a of our company

with a simple portal i will have service a repeated twice

but i only want to have it once in the list.

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This topic is 6452 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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