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Including user-defined graphs in web pages

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I am currently converting a production reporting system to a FMP database which will be accessed via an intranet within the company I work for.

99% of the fields/material are straight forward, entry level stuff.

However, it would be of great benefit to be able to present some of the data graphically (ie bar graph showing # units produced over a given time period). There are solutions for FMP , but what about over the web?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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The format file follows, just change the FMP-Field tag and title/label stuff.

As far as the javascript application (graph.js) it can be linked to directly using the path in the format file (revised) or it's in my iDisk Public folder (mac 9.0 and better users) plus I copied and renamed the file to "http://homepage.mac.com/dspires/graph.html" so if you view the page source, copy all, paste to your text editor and save as "graph.js" you will be in business.



<TITLE>Processing Time Graph</TITLE>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2" SRC="http://homepage.mac.com/dspires/graph.js">




<Center><Table BGCOLOR=#FFFFCC>


<TH>Call Board Processing Time:</TH>




<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2">

var g = new Graph(600,400);

g.addRow(0[FMP-record],[FMP-field: GraphElapsed][/FMP-record]);

g.scale = 10;

g.title = "Processing Time";

g.xLabel = "Calls";

g.yLabel = "Time Min";







<HR color=black noshade size=5>

<P>Displaying records [FMP-rangestart] thru [FMP-rangeend] of

[FMP-currentfoundcount] records found. ([FMP-rangesize] records displayed).



Sorted by field: [FMP-SortFieldItem]






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I am doing a similar thing at my work and I found a third party plugin developer called Waves in Motion that sells a package called 0Azium Charts 2.0. They have a fully functional demo version for download at http://www.wmotion.com. , if I remember right it is roughly $75. It's not free like the javascript solution but it can do any type of chart that excel can make from bar charts to pie chart to gant charts. Since it can do so much it does take a few days to figure it out but it definitely works with the web companion and serves the chart images to the web.

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This topic is 8615 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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