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We have an online store and each product can be displayed and has a URL when called up on a browser. We would like to have a "master database" using FM online - we already have them at www.racecarnuts.com with a static IP address, so we know how to set them up and customize them. BUT...we would like to have a click-thru hyperlink on a product graphic or a button in the database that will take a viewer to the online store specific product page and open a new browser window at the same time.

The database will contain a wide range of racing products from NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Series teams and drivers, along with a host of vendors which work with our charity fund-raising project.

How do we code the fields in the database to 1) call up a remote product page URL, 2) open a new window using "_blank" function?

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you'll have to have a field, for example sake, called "URL". Have the correct FULL hyperlink (including http://) inserted in the field. Then in the HTML have the link say "<a href=[FMP-Field: URL] target=_blank>."

The best way that we do it is making the URL a calc. Field. EX:




Sorry if this was vague, let us know if you run into any probs.


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Jeremy: Could the "container field" for the graphic of the product be the link field also. We can just put a note saying: Click on Graphic to Order. It would be best if the link were hidden vs. displayed.

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you can make any image a link through HTML, but you would still have to use the above (or some variation) method so that it knows which graphic goes with which link.

Actually . . . I think i see what you are trying to do. I'll go ahead and write this long post and hope i'm right. Otherwise, below is a waste of time.

Okay, hmmm, i think i know what you are asking. So you want these RaceCarNuts of yours to view items, then when they are at an item they want, simply click on the picture and that will be the order that they are placing? I'm doing something just like that right now. I'll be happy to explain it to you in a nutshell to get you going:

You'll need two databases:

1. Item Database - Holds the graphic of the item, all the item details (description, price, etc.) and a unique identifier. We'll call this Product ID.

2. Order database - this will need to have the order information (Name, address, email, payments, etc.). This will also need to be related to the Item Database by Product ID number. Plus it should include any related fields that you deem necessary to the order (the Price, description, etc of the first DB).

When they are viewing orders, the best way (maybe) would be to have a search form Find All, or Find By Category or whatever. But have it max at 15 or so depending on your file sizes of your Graphics. From here, the Graphic will need to be linked to a New Order Page that specifies the Order DB. Inside the link of graphic needs to be a "&-token=[FMP-Field: ProductID]." (I've never done that from a search results page but it should work, if not they are other options). Then On the New Order Page, using this tag somewhere within the form <input type=hidden name=ProductID value=[FMP-CurrentToken]>.

Whew! Your all set. That should do it. I hope that's what you wanted. If not, pretend you did.

Anyway, you know where to ask if something comes up.


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This topic is 8540 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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