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FileMaker 5.0 crashes when serving custom web publishing

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I am serving a DB, by custom Web publishing, for the public to search. There is no entry or modification of data. I am serving it with FileMaker 5.0v2 on Win2000 server. The DB is opened from FMServer on another computer.

When I tried to access it from my home (Mac OS 10.1) using either IE or Netscape(in Classic mode) the first page (the search page) would keep on loading forever.

I ckeck the error.log this morning and the message is

[11/Dec/2001:22:19:25 -0800] HTTP session disconnected.

But db was still functional. I tried an internal test (from the same computer) and it told me the page coudn't be displayed... When I check FileMaker it was frozen ! I had to end the task and reopen the DB. The message in the error log was the same

[12/Dec/2001:10:03:27 -0800] HTTP session disconnected.

Any idea what could cause this ?

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There is a router, and possibly a firewall but in general it works ! Just once in a while, like this morning, after a week of uptime, it says the database is not open ! But it is !

What can I do about that ! Is there a way to automate a reload of the database when it goes offline like this ?

What could be the causes ? Anyone else having the same problem ?

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Please don't be insulted by my simpleton suggestions. I'm just trying to help.

I have trouble writing -find scripts that don't get hung up. I still don't get that pause and restore jazz. You might have gotten the disconnect message because something like that timed you out.

I sometimes get the database not found error when I restart my system but forget to restart the web security database. Or maybe you forgot to reset the web companion config when you upgraded. Or forgot to reset the web server connector administration.

Hope you get it straightend out

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DrJ, you should not be running scripts over the web unless you have a workaround for the problems which arise when near-simultaneous requests are made on the same or different scripts. If you are not aware of these problems, you should do a little research on these forums and by experimenting so that you will become aware of them.

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This topic is 8251 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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