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Evaluate Calculation not working in IWP

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I was hoping someone could shed some light on why a calculation is not working once it is translated in IWP...

I am using the following calculation to narrow down the results that appear in one field based on a selection from a previous field.

Evaluate(Quote(""); CSI Div.)

Now I don't know if this was the best or esiest way to accomplish a narrowing down between to fields, but it functions great in Filemaker Pro 9. However once it goes into IWP the field that contains the above calculation does not function, it pulls down a blank filed as if nothing was entered in the previous field.

I don't know if it has to do with the fact that the 'CSI Div.' referred to above is another table within the file. However, the first field references that table fine.

I hope this makes sense.

The following is a hypothetical example of what I am trying to do that would also translate to IWP:

First field contains the names of the 50 States; based on which state is selected, the second field displays the names of the counties within that state only. (The States and Counties are contained within a table)

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What if you script it instead followed by a Commit Record step in the same script?

However does this seem wrong:

I don't know if it has to do with the fact that the 'CSI Div.' referred to above is another table within the file

Neither in IWP nor native mode will an unstored fields change of value, force thru a rerendering or re-evaluation if the field isn't shown as related value in the layout of the TO the user interface frontmost to the user, at least not entirely reliable!

Often is such behaviour improved just by having a selfjoin in the frontmost TO's layout.


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Thanks for the quick response...

I appologize but I am new to Filemaker and couldn't quite follow your reconmendation.

Ultimately I am wondering if there was an easier way to perform a filter between two fields, as in the example above, that would be compatible with IWP?

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And I exhibit similar appologetic gestures, as to what you're on about. You need to be a slightly more specific in your questioning:

was an easier way to perform a filter between two fields

Easier than what? Your original question was about Evaluate(Quote(""); some_field) ...this is not filtering in my humble opinion but instead triggered cleansing of a field.

Please discripe what kind of effect you're after???


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Although I am calling the action I am trying to perform 'filtering' this might not be the right terminology. By easy, I only meant that i am sure there is a simple calculation to perform this action i am just not sure what.

Here is a hypothetical example of what I am trying to accomplish:

In find mode, one would click on the first feild and a pull down menu would display the makes of 10 cars(VW, BMW, Lexus, etc.). Based on which make they selected, when they clicked on the next field only the models of the make selected would be displayed. i.e. One would select VW for the first field and then in the second field they would have their choice of Golf, Passat, Jetta, etc.

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Dynamic valuelist are not easily applied to genuine requests (going into findmode), but are a fine measure to fill a portal with relevant stuff:


But what I fail to see the reasoning in is this:

hypothetical example

...why beat around the bush, instead of descriping a specific problem. In order to get good replies in forums like this, is the "bigger picture" almost always needed to give a balanced input or contribution to a probelms propper solution.

Who benefits from the "cloak and dagger" way of approaching this forum??? It's clearly a way a newbe gives him-/her-self away as ...newbe!

Very few can conduct a life on one single revalation giving everything they need to know about computing, talents are nothing if they aren't cultivated or flexed into fitness, this means that everything is approached via pathes of association, but if you provide next to nothing to hang on to ...are we all in the deep end of the pool.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks again for sticking with me on this one. I now have changed the way my fields relate using Basic Conditional Lists and it works great.

I based it on this link found on another post:


However, I am still having the same issue once it goes to IWP. The first field displays the drop down list, but the second field is blank when you click on it. I tried changing the fields to Pop up Menues, but this did not solve the problem.


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Hey, racheld. Keep in mind that IWP is a non-AJAX web page, so there's no continuous connection between the web page & the server (it's "stateless" like most ordinary web pages).

Hope that makes sense, but if not, just know that once FMP delivers the web page it "disconnects" from your browser. You can make whatever changes you want on the web page but they aren't actually saved to the database until you submit/save/commit the changes. It's like any ordinary web form.

So, when you select the drop-down list, FMP doesn't see this change until you submit the page. Then FMP will get your new selection & show the corresponding values in your 2nd drop-down. Make sense?

I know that's not the behavior you're looking for, & I don't know of any workaround other than using CWP & adding some javascript. Maybe someone can suggest otherwise.

Good luck.

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What you said makes sense, thanks!

However, I would like for this to be a function in Find mode, so i don't believe that 'submit' comes into play. My goal is for the user to search the first field "CSI Divisions" and then the second feild "CSI Title" displays subcatagories of only the item selected in field one.

Do you know if there is anyway to perform a refresh calculation of some sort after the selection from the first field is performed in find mode?

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The same rules apply whether it's to perform a find or alter a record or anything else.

Changing a selection list sends an event message to the browser which could be handled via JavaScript, but FMP/IWP does not handle these events. So FMP will never "see" that the user selected something.

Short story, if you need this functionality you'll have to code it yourself :

Hopefully FM will add some AJAX or additional functionality to allow behaviors like this.

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This topic is 6155 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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