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Auto Dialers

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If you have one or two analog phone lines and an ADB Mac, the best solution is a product called Desktop Dialer from Sophisticated Circuits. It will dial any number in any application that you can copy to the clipboard. It works on both lines of a two line phone. Take a look at www.sophisticated.com. Because the dialer is ADB, I think it's being sold at a clearance price.

If you are one of the "most folk" having a pbx/digital phone system, you will have to talk to the vendor of that system for a solution (unlikely).


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Here's my specific problem ---perhaps you can help or point me in some direction: Some years ago, I designed a contact manager which contains about 10k contacts. After pressing the icon for "dial", it would dial the contact's particular number, ie, home, cell, business, etc, and then auto-enter the time, date and which phone was used; in addition it would connect me with that phone and we would converse via my head set. To use it, I plugged in a phone wire from the back of the computer to the wall jack, press the icon, the auto dialer would dial the number.

Since getting cable and Windows XP, it no longer works.  When I press the auto dial icon, the auto dialer comes up (as it used to) but crashes or responds so slowly that the call is made 4-5 min. later.  One teach suggested that I not be on the cable modem when I am using the auto dialer, since it uses another modem.  It didn't make a difference.  Another tech suggested that it was possible to do this while on cable.

Any suggestions? Is there perhaps a plug-in I need to make this work?  Has anyone had an experience like this?

(I am using FMPro 8 )

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Do a Search of the Forum, using the Advance Search, and keywords of [color:blue]+Dial +Phone, as shown with the pluses, and you will find a few topic about this question.



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It sounds as though it may be more of a telephone modem problem than an FM problem. I use XP and dial out through my phone or through skype with no problems. I use a Plantronics Calisto Pro Bluetooth headset that handles both as well as my cell phone seamlessly. Very neat product.

Anyway, it takes no longer thn 3 - 4 seconds for the connection to take place.

However, I notice you said that you are using your cable modem as you phone modem, is that correct or have I misunderstood you?

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This topic is 5649 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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