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FileMaker 13 does not "see" the ODBC driver


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i installed MySQL ODBC 5.1 driver on windows server several times before for previous versions of FileMaker and it worked, and still works just fine.

Now i am trying to do the same thing on Windows 2012 Server with Windows 8 platform and for FileMaker 13 Server and client, and with the newest driver 5.3.

I am installing a 32 bit driver on the 64 bit system in the proper folder (...SysWOW...) as mentioned, everything same as i did previouslly. The drivers are successfully connected to the MySQL database.

The ODBC on the FileMaker server is enabled.


ISSUE: When i open FileMaker 13 it does not see the ODBC source, the list is blank. I tryed both ANSI and UNICODE versions. I have also tryed the previous version 5.1. Doesnt work.

No error message is produced it just doesnt show, like if the drivers are installed in the wrong place, which i assume they are not.


QUESTION 1: Is there a particular issue with Windows 8, FileMaker 13 or newest MySQL ODBC drivers that doesnt allow it to work?



QUESTION 2: Could it be a security conflict, a port conflict or something similar preventing FileMaker to comunnicate with ODBC driver?


QUESTION 3: Could it be that yet again they came up with some secret place where you need to install 32 bit drivers in order to work (even though there is a clear link to this now)?


QUESTION 4: is it possible that it might be a 64bit driver now that i need to install?


Thank you.

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Check out chapter 9 of the 13 FTS, it uses Windows 8 for its setup, check to see if you are doing things differently.


For FMP: it's still the 32-bit driver & control panel.  For FMS it is the 64-bit driver & ODBC control panel.  So no secret place.

No ports involved in finding a DSN, so no issues there.


Newest MySQL driver: no idea, but since it does not work with the previous driver either I am going to guess the problem is elsewhere.

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In 13 FTS they are using MS SQL as an example, but shouldnt make the diference.

As far as i see i did everything by the book, the drivers are also successfully connected as i mentioned. Yet, they do not show.

It looks like the server 13 was not properly installed, as it is acting kind of strange. As it is on Windows 8 and my testing server is on Mac (working just fine with no issues), i could not tell if this is a strange behaviour or some Windows specific way.

This is what happens - it was running with ODBC/JDBC disabled. I enabled it (ticked the box) and it started crashing the client filemaker file on open. Than i went back to the server and noticed that while the tick box was still ticked on the initial pannel of general status where the ODBC feature is listed and should be a blue "ON" switch, the switch was grayed out and "OFF".


Of course, the external odbc source was not visible, it did not read the existing DNS, created exactly by the book (both 13 FTS and FileMaker 13 ODBC guide)

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 the drivers are also successfully connected as i mentioned. Yet, they do not show.


It looks like the server 13 was not properly installed,  - it was running with ODBC/JDBC disabled. 


Of course, the external odbc source was not visible, it did not read the existing DNS,


I'm afraid you are mixing different concepts here:


- The FMS ESS feature does not depend on ODBC/JDBC being enabled in FMS.  The ODBC/JDBC feature is for allowing access TO the filemaker data, not for access to the external data.

- drivers are not visible anywhere except in the ODBC control panel, drivers do not not represent connections.  Only a DSN represents a connection

- if you have installed a compatible ODBC driver on the FMS machine and configured a system DSN on the FMS machine, then that DSN should be visible on the FileMaker CLIENT when you have a file open that is hosted on that FMS, not anywhere in FMS or the FMS control panel.


As you set up the DSN on the FMS machine you should be able to completely configure it including a test to see if the connection works.  Does it?

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I see now that the correct driver listed on filemaker.com is MySQL ODBC 5.2 Unicode. Maybe i shoud use exactly this version and no newer or older ones. Will try and see...

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Huh, really trying hard, but now it seams impossible to install the 64bit MySQL ODBC 5.2 Unicode driver (required) on the Windows 2012 server.

We installed the 32 bit driver without a problem, the local FileMaker files could use this 32 bit driver and reach the desired MySQL database without a problem but the 64 bit driver could not be installed and the files on the server are not recognising the DSN created with the 32 bit driver any more in FM Server 13.

I guess than this is the issue for some MySQL driver forum, i need to install this driver first than we will see if it works with server 13.

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Yes, finally it works. With a little help of Windows 2012 Server specialist that installed the driver correctly.


So the correct (tested) combination for FMS 13 (running on Windows Server 2012 with Windows 8 OS) and MySQL (5.6) is - MySQL ODBC 5.2 Unicode, 64 bit driver version installed obviously in the 64 bit section of the server which is easily found in Administrator tools. 

The System DSN needs to be setup in the 64 bit section of the odbc drivers section as well.


PS: I know that all of this could be found in various tutorials and help pages regarding the matter, but i still feel like i had to dig deep to get there :).

I dont know exactly why this particular driver could not be installed correctly before, usually they install without any issues. Hiring a specialist for Windows Server and corresponding OS to install the driver really saved the day finally.

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This topic is 2574 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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