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Filemaker integration with Thumb Print Scanners

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We have been trying to come up with something new in our school project. Is there a way we can integrate thumb print scanners into filemaker, just like with barcode scanners? This time, users (participants) just needs to scan their thumbprints using the scanner, and their attendance is recorded.

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No idea, but following with interest!!

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I would reccomend some research on the accuracy of fingerprint scanning hardware and software. I remember reading an article somewhere a while back that suggested only the high end (most expensive) fingerprint recognition systems are reliable. Budget alone might lead you down another path.

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We do use thumbprint scanners at my school for 6th form registration (not with FM unfortunately!) and they seem fairly reliable as far as I can tell...

Maybe they're high end ones.

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I'll try to find out which ones we're using and get more feedback on them. It could be that I'm blissfully unaware that they're rubbish!!

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Haven't managed to find out the model yet, but they seem pretty reliable except for one or two kids who can't get them to work and have to sign in..

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