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Containers with different storage types

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Hi, I'm loving EasySync, and props to Tim for making it so...easy. However, I'm experiencing a container issue:

I have a solution that uses both OS X and iOS clients syncing to Server. I want the mac and server to use external storage but FM Go requires embedded storage (please correct me if I'm wrong). When I try to sync the FM Go file (using embedded storage) with the server (using external open storage), the containers on server display only the filename. When I then sync the mac, only the filename appears in the mac containers as well.

Notes: I am unable to export the container contents from the server or the mac and GetContainerAttribute reveals the file has no name or size. I'm not compressing the files when I insert them. The file thumbnail remains visible on the iPad client but not on either of the other two. All other records in the same table "lose" their container contents and only display the filename, even if those specific records were not synced.

Has anyone succeeded in mixing container storage types? It's also possible Tim already addressed this and I have something configured wrong. It is also possible I've misdiagnosed, however, when I toggle the OS X client storage type I am able to reliably replicate this issue. And, when I switch everything to embedded storage it all works fine.

Please help if you have any insight on mixed container storage types in Easysync. I know someone must have run into (or solved??) this by now.

Best, Josh

p.s. I know gorillas are apes, ignore the inaccurate image filename I got from the internet.


Both External Storage.png

Client Embedded Server External Open.png

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This topic is 2998 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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