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Solution to Contacts send email issue in 4.5

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There is another thread on this topic from September 2015 . Thought I would give the problem/solution its on thread to easily help others. this had me baffled and scratching my head as everything seemed fine in the script....

then Don Bahash wrote:

"OMG ... I just got it to work!  So, for me, the solution was to remove all the references to field "id_constant" in the SMTP dialog box in script "0783 Send Email by Parameter"

So following Don's solution ... I hard coded each of the smtp fields that referenced the prefs table and it solved the problem.

I then went back in and undid each change one at a time and tested. I saved the password field for last because I suspected that was the problem child.

Bingo..,. it is the culprit...

after careful review of the displayed fields on the email tab in Preferences, I realized that the password field was actually the password display field. once I changed that to the password field and entered in the password ... problem solved! 4.5v2 now sends emails via smtp in the Contacts module

hope this helps others!

Robert Bloomfield

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This topic is 2362 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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