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webdirect no longer working.

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I am working with FMS and OS X 10.11.2.  My setup has been working perfectly for over a year, however since upgrading the system to OS X 10.11.2 from OS X 10.10, web direct no long works.  I get a message saying that the server can't be found, when the server works perfectly for those who connect as FMP clients.  I have verified all the conditions in troubleshooting Webdirect as presented in the following link


Would anyone have any idea what the problem is and whether there is a workaround?

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This could be an issue, where the OS X updater has taken control over Apache from FMS.

The fastest way to fix this, could be to re-install FMS. Go to UAC and save your schedules and group settings first. Then un-install FMS and remove the entire FileMaker Server folder and re-install. Import your saved settings and setup other settings.

You could be lucky that this Terminal command can fix it for you:

sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms

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Thanks for that.  Unfortunately re-installing is easier said than done.  I had a hell of a time.  Firstly the Java in Version 13.0.10 is not the same one needed with my installer which is  13.0.5 . So downgrading Java  was a nightmare, then for some reason my installer would not recognize all my privileges even after logging in as root, and was refusing to install a few essential folders at the end of the installation process.  So for the time being I have put off that idea and reinstalled everything from my Time Machine backup.

Any other ideas on overcome this Webdirect problem?

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This topic is 2966 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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