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Sending datas in a pre-formatted Word document

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Hello everyone,

I'm developing a little FMP database on Mac to help creating reports with MS Words. These reports will contain :

- non changing elements : logo and address, first level hierarchy titles…

- some specific datas from FMP : number and name of the affair, name and adress of the client…

- the text of the report directly typed in Word by the user.

So my need is :

- when all the fields are completed, user clics on "Create report" then :

- it creates a new folder with number and name of the affair,

- creates the report file by duplicating from the report template, naming it with number & name of the affair &.doc

- inserts datas from FMP (juste one record)

- add the file into a multimedia field to less user clic on it to open it.

All this by script of course for the user only clics on one button.

So what is the best way or what is the right plug-in for it ? I'm not familiar with Applescript nor VBA so I would prefer not have to use them.

Thanks all for your answers or suggestions.

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The only plugin I know that interacts with Word is 306work's Scribe. The OS ops, creating a folder, etc., can be accomplished with their ScriptMaster product.

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I'm not familiar with Applescript

Actually, Applescript may be your best option here - other than using a dedicated plugin (plus another plugin for the OS tasks).

What makes Word so attractive as an output format - compared to PDF, for example?

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Or even RTF?

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RTF is not easily produced either - unlike PDF.

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It's definitely worth examining the requirement that the final product is a Word doc. Sometimes, that is a relic of an old workflow, similar to "we must have reports in Excel."

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