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IWP crashes When User Has no Display Privileges


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I have some fp5 files hosted on a FMServer and then served up as web pages using FMPU and IWP. These files have access privileges that only let users view and edit their own records (Teacher = "Jane Doe" for example). If Jane Doe uses FM Pro to open the file, the initial record is not hers so she gets "No Access" (which bit me at first) but upon browsing more, I find that it works as suggested and that Jane Doe can view her records, just nobody elses.

However, if Jane Doe browses to the webified version of the file and logs in, instead of that No Access message she gets kicked back out to the index list page. Further clicking of the file gives "Database Not Open: Unable to process your request because the database "Teacher Files.fp5" is not open." I goto FMPU and the file seems to have reverted to Jane Doe's privileges. That is, I see "No Access" where before I was admin and saw every record. Further study reveals that I only can view Jane Doe's records.


In summary, FMPU had opened files with Admin privileges and webified using IWP. Jane Doe logs into webpage, enters her password and it spits her out of the webpage back to the directory listing. Meanwhile it appears to change the login of the file at the FMPU side from Admin to Jane Doe (which appears to also have the consequence of giving me the Database Not Open message).

PS. If I give Jane Doe view all permissions, it works fine, but I won't do that.

What am I missing? Anybody using IWP to host files with access privileges restricting who can display/view records?

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Hmmm... that is a problem. Have you checked Jane Doe's access privledges? Since I am guessing with IWP you are using file level access. See if her password access is set to see all fields and layouts. This is just a thought. Don't know what the problem could be for real grin.gif


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Hi There.

I am here in Brazil with the same exact situation, even tough I am using FMPD 6.0 and IWP. I am quite experienced with Passwords, Levels and permissions with non web usage of FM. To be honest I do not belive that the problem resides on that.

My FM Databases are intended for a network of distributors to register and add follow up information for each business opportunity. My password enables me to see all their activity. The password for each distributor allows them to view, edit and delete theirs opportunities. So at Password level I have determined that Browsing, editing and Deleting were limited by this clause :the contents of the field distributor name mathes that specific distributor's name.

If I do not limit browsing (but keep editing and deleting limitations) it works through the web, and even tough a certain distributor can see others distributor's opportunities he is not able to edit or delete such information.

The problem - in my opinion - resides on the limitation for browsing records.

So I have added some information to the problem and I hope someone gives us the solution.


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Since i could not have a solution, this is the workaround I did - The only one I could figure out. Since I need only to gather info from my partners network I did one file to each distributor (clone) and once a day I import the contents to the main file. This way I could give one password for each distributor and provide them with the http link to his specific file.

If there is a smarter way I would be glad to know

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This topic is 6520 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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