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Click to Call in FM IWP


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Hi to all,

I am trying to solve a problem that is driving me crazy (actually now there are 2 problems!)

I have created a crm web based in filemaker and I was trying to integrate a sort of "click to call", to automatical call the phone numbers in it..

I must also say that I use a softphone like Eyebeam.

So when I open a browser like mozilla and type in the address something like "sip:004401144223344", it will open automatically my softphone and will dial this number.

So far, so good. I thought was easy to put the command in filemaker ....Not at all !!

If you put it like that (using "open url", of course!), in fm works (the phone recognizes the command "sip:......."), but in iwp nothing happens !

So I changed it in "sip://004401144223344". Here where the problem starts, the phone doesn't get the command cause is in a wrong syntax. I fixed using the dialplan command in eyebeam. So I succeeded to remove those"//" after "sip:". But...it's not very convenient because that means that I will have to change the dialplan on every client.

Is there any other solution to have Fm writing the exact command in a browser?

2) Problem .... Every time from browser I dial a number, a new blank windows open... How can I close it ? Or can I avoid to get it open eventually?

I hope someone can really help !

Thank you

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I notice this is a few months old but I've just read it.

I think you have two options:

Firstly you could add a web-viewer control with a 'call' button in it.

A good trick to ensure it looks the same is to create it in FileMaker then view the HTML in your web browser and use that as the basis for your code.

To ensure it's dynamic you can use a data-uri (if you don't have MSIE clients) or have some PHP running on a web-server to return the correct HTML.

Alternatively you could edit fmi_iwp.js in the IWP folder and change what the open url command does.


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Hi Jaboda,

thank you for your answer !!!

At the moment the first solution is exactly what I did to solve my problem...I created a new format with a webviewer with the command inside "sip:"&Phonefield. I associated the button call to a script that goes to this format, and as soon as we go on this format the softphone dial automaticaly the number....That was the best I could do.

However the second solution to edit the fmu_iwp.jar seems very intersting too, but unfortunately i know nothing about java programming....

Could u please give me a hand with it?


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This topic is 4311 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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