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Maintaining font styling over th eweb

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Can anyone help?

I am publishing layouts using IWP from FM Server 11 Advanced.

Some fields have text with bold and italic styles added by FM clients (using FM 10 and 11) - these change to plain text if edited over the web!!!

I need to preserve this styling as I'm using this at a later stage to generate XML tags. I'm having to resort to getting my users to key in tags <b>...</b> and <i>...</i> and <bi>...</bi> around sections or text.

The problem I need help on is:

1) Convert existing styled text to something useful over the web e.g. <b>bold</b> tags would work

2) Convert web text with tags back to styled text for my FM users

Note - I need web users to style text - So I'd like them to be able to highlight a section of text and use a button to add the <b>....</b> tags around the text without keying these in (I've found a number of problems trying to parse text to XML because users are unable to consistently key such tags

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I'm not an IWP user, but for PHP we create a second set of fields that are calc fields and are simply GetAsCSS ( myTextField). That is what is pulled for the web. All styling is done using FileMaker's formatting. The user doesn't enter html codes.

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I had already thought this might work - but that only gives me a "display" method (unless I'm missing something)

What I specifically want is a method where the use can modify a field - I work in publishing and have authors who access the database to write and review copy. Part of this might result in a phrase or single word being styled as italic or bold.

Currently I'm having to get both Fm users and web users to hard code the paragraphs using <i>....</i> tags - which is a real pain.

Within FM I can set up a button command to apply a CSS styling to an in-line text element - this works perfectly until I release the field over the web.

The field displays well until a user clicks to edit the field - at which point all styling flies out the window.

I guess I could take a styled field, use getAsCSS to identify the styling and replace with physical tag marks in a calculation. Then copy the result out as a text element into an editable field - then apply the reverse procedure to change back to CSS styling....

It all seems a little difficult and thought there might be another way :(

If I've learn one thing about FM there's always' someone out there with another angle on a problem who's willing to share :)


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This "Reply interface" is exactly what I'm after..... so it is possible!!!

I'm after something very much like this site - where the user has an interface with styling buttons.

This allows the user to select some text and then apply in-line styling like bold, italic or both

Does anyone have any idea the best way to do this?


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This topic is 4332 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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