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Checkbox and portal row select issue findings

Agnes Riley

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I have an FM solution where the checkbox is minimized to its width and in webdirect it still shows the "1".


FM: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/1B2z1J353L1O

Webdirect: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/421H1Q2i171g


Then I went down in font size and at 18 it actually works, with a width of 20. Just wanted to let you guys know.


The other thing is a button on a portal row. It fits perfectly well in FM and works. In webdirect I had to put it in the front and remove the fill color.

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WebD still treats certain layout objects pretty strangely across different browsers and the FileMaker app.  I've had better luck just using two layout buttons, one representing 'on' and the other 'off' and then conditionally hiding them and setting the field based on a calculated result.


If I had to guess (and this solely a guess), FileMaker still treats certain objects as 'native' CSS and defaults to whatever the browser defaults are.  Using a custom button ensures that you're using custom CSS and applying the same object style across all of the different browsers.

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This topic is 2147 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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      This is a peculiar bug which seems to have appeared with a recent Chrome update.
      Create a Web Viewer control with the following content:
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      There are numerous workarounds but I can't find out how to fix it.
      Anyone else experienced this?
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