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Do's and dont's for WebDirect on Android

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First a disclaimer. I'm well aware that WebDirect (FM13) is not build or supported for iOS or Android tablets. I've read the specifications. And yes, things should probably be done in PHP instead. Which is no doubt, what will happen eventually. But for a number of reasons, I'm involved in a couple of projects, where we have decided to examine the borders of WebDirects compatibilty first. 

So I would like to hear any concrete findings from other crazy persons who have been experimenting on the wild side with WebDirect. What kind of functions and design methods work for you. What should we avoid in striving for a solution to best survive in e.g. Chrome on an Android tablet? Any experiences with Raspberry?

Why is this interesting? Well, unless you publish your WebDirect solution on an intranet or another very controlled environment, there will always be users who will try to use whatever browser is at hand. So we might as well prepare and try to recognize and understand the things that can and will go wrong in those situations. Maybe we might even collect some useful feedback for the good developers at FMI. ;-)

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I had a client wanting to use the tablet iOS before FMGO was released - back then we used 2x RDP client for them and then designed the layout to accommodate the tap interface as much as possible - and for them it works well, they haven't asked it to be redeveloped for web or FMGo, one benefit to that was they were able to use a plugin because they were sharing a remote session to full version of FMP. - plus with wifi / cell connections at the time were not as reliable as they are now,  disconnects didn't harm any data entry as they are only sharing a remote connection ( tap, keyboard, display) and no large data is being downloaded to the device. 

I tried web direct on the latest raspberry pie that had a html5 browser - however it was not something at this time i couldn't recommend for any productive data entry use - other then perhaps some kind of way to make a cheap dashboard for wall mount display - even some tv's have built in browsers - i occasionally test connection to my web direct server when at a big box store on their tv browser - as these devices get better or have more support - it could open up possibilities.  

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This topic is 2787 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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