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Formatting a table

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I have a frustrating problem. Is there someone out there who can advise me.

I have a set of records in which a table is an important element. The table draws content from related records. In the regular Filemaker viewer, it is in a portal. However, I need to make the data available on a print layout in Webdirect.

The table might vary from 1 row up to about 20, depending on the record.

I have tried several methods of getting the data onto the layout but have a conflict as follows:

If I aggregate the table in a field before brining it into the layout, it elegantly merges into the layout, pushing the text that follows up or down depending on the number of rows. It previews and prints beautifully via Filemaker interfaces, BUT on Web Direct, the text tabbing fall down and the table alignment is destroyed.

Alternatively, I can set up a merge container for every possible table entry and lock them into columns, but then the height of the table does not shrink – even when there is no data in the table and the text that follows remains locked well below the tables – especially when there are only a few rows.

In brief, the first solution seems the most elegant, but I need some way to control the tabs in the browser so that the table aligns properly.

Is there any advice someone can give me?


Ping file images of the same table (the good one in Filemaker viewers and the bad one in Web Direct, are attached.



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SInce you are using webdirect, comment (above) make a good recommendation. You could possibly use a virtual list and it would be easier to display?

Otherwise, it looks like you are setting custom tab positions that to not translate in webdirect. You could also output html instead of just text and display in a web viewer, if that suites the need better. You would have more control formattng the output instead of a text field, but if you are more comfortable with dealing with it in FM, it may be better to take advantage of that.

Hope this helps,


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This topic is 2943 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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