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IWP futures / PHP and the 100 user limit

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I noticed that PHP beta is out now - but I was wondering if the instant web publishing is going to start to be killed off in Server 9 Advanced.

As far as I am concerned the web element is becoming more and more important and so this should definitely be something they invest their time in. I don't really want to get involved in php and have to first design the database it self and then design the php that would run off this on the web - mainly the whole idea of effectively Server 9 Advanced turning in to almost MySql GUI free is rather upsetting.

Does anyone know if PHP is filemaker focus or whether the IWP is still got a good strong lifeline?

Second point - 100 user limit - this is limited does anyone know if this is going to be stepped up any time soon - I think I would be happy with 1000 - 5000 at least.


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The release of the PHP classes have very little to do with IWP I think.

The PHP classes are more to replace/supplement the XSLT web publishing that most people found to difficult.

The 100 session limit only applies when you enable sessions. Most Custom web publishing solutions would use FM sessions but sessions in the web scripting technology (PHP, ASP.NET,...).

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This topic is 5608 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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