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Tis the question that has been plaguing our organization for sometime now. We provide a vertical solution, StudioSuite , for recording studios and post-production facilities. Currently we have over 1200 facilities, for a total of approximately 3500 users within 40 countries.

Now we must do the inevitable.....GO ONLINE!!

StudioSuite has roughly 1000 scripts and 600 layouts within 7 files. IWP seems okay but I'm concern about scalability and limitations. CWP seems great but then one must become well verse in other technologies such as Javascript, html, css, and php.

In trying to convince my boss on which technology- IWP or CWP, to use I really couldn't provide a compelling argument for either. My personal preference is CWP. His preference is of course IWP because of the relative speed. If someone could please shed some light on this issue it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


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... IWP - relative speed... joking right?

CWP is a heck of a lot more functional, scalable, and faster than IWP. Recall that IWP allows 100 sessions at any given time, CWP allows 100 requests at any given time (a request generally lasts less than 1 second, a session will last at least the time out time of 15 mins).

If your talking about redeveloping a 600 layout database, well then you may just want to stick with IWP... If you only want to put portions of it online as most people usually do then CWP is probably the way to go.

You just have to weigh up costs vs benefits.

Cost - Time... lots of time.

Benefits - You get a truly functional app - a heck of a lot better than what IWP can offer (also remember, that some of the more useful script steps aren't supported in IWP).

Here's how to test the relative performance of IWP: Host your file, ensure you have all necessary ports forwarded, then go offsite somewhere and test the speed.


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This topic is 6110 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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