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Layout not based on a table


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Hi all


I have started using FileMaker about a month ago, and before then I haven't even heard about it. I've done a lot of reading, watched videos, went through training materials... Since then I normalized the existing database and am working on making things work properly. I managed to get filtered portals work and used ExecuteSQL to perform a count for which I didn't want to create another relationship. So far so good. But now I am stuck.


It might be easy but I just don't see a solution.


I want to create a layout that is not based on any table. It will just be a layout with a bunch of buttons that would open various reports. How can I do this?


The way I understand it is that when I create a layout, I have to select a table. But then, even if I don't add any fields, the layout has some records and even though I don't display field information from the table, I can see that it depends on these records.


I tried to use an empty table for the underlying table, but then the user can still click "New record" and even save empty records into this table, so I don't think this should be a solution.


Thank you in advance!

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Main Menus are often based on a 1 record table. Use Security to not allow creation of new records in this table. Often, this table is also used as a System Prefs table (storing in its one record some container fields for logos, some global fields, etc.). Google "Prefs table" and OnOpen Script (which is now the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger).

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Thanks a lot, all of you. I have used an empty table and disabled record creation in security, which was previously unknown to me. :) It's always handy to learn something new.

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I didn't think that was possible. :) Thanks for the tip. :)


Correct me if I am wrong. Deleting the table automatically disables "New Record" and "Create Record" buttons, which is what I wanted. However, the user can still search, so I still have to change this setting in security.

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This topic is 2618 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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