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Tabs always return to first tab ...!

Capt JB

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I have researched but did not find, so I would say I am not good at searching.. :hmm:


I have a database with several tables, and each table presented in a Tab.

When I have a note I made a new window open with only the note field to be filled. Everything works good but the layout with the tabs returns systematically to the first tab when the note is in the fifth tab for example. I tried to set freeze window in the open script for the note window, but it did not work.

What can I do to have the tab return to the original tab I was in when I close the note window.


Any help will be appreciated :yep:

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You can set a default tab, or you can give each tab an object name and have the script navigate to the correct tab (object) using the "Go To Object" script step.


However... from your description you may be on a path of poor performance.  Remember that all fields on all tabs (even those not visible) load when the layout loads.  So the more tabs the poorer the performance.  It may look good in the design phase but it may execute very poorly in the real deployment; rethink how you use tabs.

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This topic is 2595 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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