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FileMaker friends, could someone please teach me a new trick
I'm building an interface for composing "counsel" documents with each sentence it's own related record
Sometimes I need to move the portal rows around, like in my "Old McDonald" example
I think they call this kind a thing a "custom search order" 

Is it possible to "Drag and Drop"?  If not, no problem, how about a scripted button? 

What would you do?

Question Insert Portal Row.png

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No, it is not custom search order. It is custom sort order. You could do web searches for drag and drop portal sort.

You will need to add sortOrder field (number field) to the child record table and you will need to sort the relation by this field.

To begin using it, have it auto-enter get(recordNumber). Edit it by hand to control sort. Then learn from the available example files how to automate this.

Example link:


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1 hour ago, John D Sebastian said:

Is it possible to "Drag and Drop"?  If not, no problem, how about a scripted button? 

Drag and drop is sort of possible (see http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/67781-script-triggers-and-drag-drop-incompatible/), but far from being simple.

For a method using buttons, see http://fmforums.com/topic/60325-manually-reorder-portal-records/#comment-285451


Note that before deciding on any specific method, you need to consider whether reordering performed by one user should take effect for all users alike (which would also require that the records being reordered by one user will not be locked by another).

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Thank you "Consultant" and "BruceR" 

I appreciate the explanation, tip (knowledge level warning) about drag n drop (which I will gladly heed) and especially helping me find this link  http://fmforums.com/topic/60325-manually-reorder-portal-records/#comment-285451  

One more question... what are these stars on the top left of the posts pages?  Is that something I should fill in when a question is answered, to say I liked / appreciated the answer? 


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3 minutes ago, John D Sebastian said:

what are these stars on the top left of the posts pages?

To tell the truth, I don't know nor particularly care. This forum's engine has many features that are more suited to a social site than the professional one it is. I would suggest you complete your profile to show your version and OS, though.

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1 hour ago, John D Sebastian said:

what are these stars on the top left of the posts pages

As it state above them “Rate this topic"

They are for rating the Question?  I don’t recall anyone doing that though. LOL

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Okay, I'll get the hang of it soon enough.  Hey, I notice fmforum's ,messaging user interface is super nice, fast and feature-ful.  Looks like you guys are using IPB  https://invisionpower.com/  
As a web developer, I'm pleased to make this discovery... Did I get that correct?  


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